Phobias are characterised by persistent, intrusive fears that the patient may often recognise as unreasonable. Because of that, phobias – in their many shapes and forms – are often difficult to talk about.

You should not be embarrassed or afraid to seek help if you’re struggling with a phobia: our brains are designed in such a way that they can trigger a phobic response to virtually anything they perceive as threatening.

Most people diagnosed with phobias will recognize their fears are unreasonable but when faced with it, they might be overwhelmed by uncontrollable anxiety. Phobias are not only psychologically taxing but can lead to you avoiding situations that trigger your fear, and have a profound impact on your social and work life, and your relationships.

Don’t let your phobia hold you back from what you’ve always wanted to achieve. The Rewind Therapy is a reliable, safe and effective treatment that can help you tackle the underlying issues associated with the phobia, and start working on your recovery.

The Rewind Therapy works by placing you in a state of deep relaxation, where the brain can process the past emotional experiences triggering your phobia in a safe and comfortable environment.

 The Rewind Technique is:

  • Effective - 93% of clients report the technique to be successful.
  • Safe – rather than forcing the client to relive the traumatic experiences, or share any disturbing details that might cause further discomfort, the Rewind Technique allows them to work through the phobia in a safe, comforting environment.
  • Quick – most clients only need a single rewind session. The number of sessions often depends on the client’s experiences and background.

I specialize in working with clients of all ages, so I offer Rewind sessions for phobias for children and young people, as well as adults. Depending on the child’s age and circumstances, it might be necessary to arrange a meeting with a patient or a guardian beforehand.

Please bear in mind that, even though highly successful, the Rewind technique does not offer any guarantees. The results of any counselling treatment vary greatly between people: I always strive to provide my clients with a comprehensive, reliable and effective solution, and commit to offering the highest quality of counselling services to ensure the best possible outcome.

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