I welcome all members of the LGBTQ community to my clinics in Maidstone and Vigo, Kent. As a bisexual person myself, although we all have our own unique experiences, I have a personal and professional understanding of the challenges those identifying as LGBTQ face.

There is a whole spectrum of different genders and sexual expressions and I provide an affirmative and empowering therapy in which all of these are celebrated.

Whether you are looking for support with sexuality or gender issues, or just want to find a counsellor who can help with other difficulties but wants to be sure that they have a positive approach with gender and sexual minority clients – please get in touch.

I also have training and experience supporting LGBTQ children and young people.

For more information about my about the counselling I offer, please see the following pages for ‘Adults’ and ‘Children and Young People’.

Telephone: 07894 858677

Email: april.clarkley@protonmail.com