Counselling and Psychotherapy Services in Maidstone and Vigo, Kent.


Counselling is a fantastic way to explore your difficulties, understand the effects your past may have on your present, and work through challenging emotions or psychological barriers.

As a licensed counselling therapist, I am fully qualified to provide counselling services to children, young people and adults in Maidstone and Vigo Village, Kent. I leverage years of experience working with clients of all ages, and expertise in a range of counselling techniques and treatments to provide you with a confidential and non-judgemental approach to help work through your issues.

The first step to feeling better is asking for help: if your life has hit a low patch, if you struggle with PTSD, phobias or are uncertain of how to deal with a negative change in your circumstances, I can help.

Take a look to see how counselling can benefit you and feel free to get in touch and discuss your concerns or ask questions about the process.